The word fiduciary financial advisor in Longview Texas

Fiduciary Financial Advisor in Longview Texas

Belonging Wealth Management is a fiduciary financial advisor in Longview Texas. Our area of expertise is tax-efficient retirement planning.

You get a customized plan for your retirement income needs. We help with withdrawal planning, investment management, retirement accounts, tax planning, and Social Security optimization.

Are You located in Longview Texas?

Yes. We are located at 1405 Colony Circle in Longview Texas. We are directly across the road from Karen Jacks, CPA and around the corner from the Moose Market Cafe.

You can meet with us in our office or remotely through Zoom, Google Meet, or a good old-fashioned telephone call (do people still do those?).

We have clients across the East Texas region to include Longview, Rusk, Kilgore, and the Dallas Metroplex.

What is a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?

With no standard definition of what a financial advisor is, or how to become one, there are many different ways for a person to enter the financial planning profession. Some advisors are strictly investment managers. Others specialize in a particular area. There are independent advisors that operate their own firms, and others may work for a captive company and earn a living by selling that company’s products and services. 

The list goes on.

The word “fiduciary”, refers to a legal standard that some advisors must adhere to. It means that the advisor is legally required to act in your best interest.

The legal requirement is the differentiating factor of a fiduciary financial advisor. While it may seem odd, very few advisors are actually legally bound by a fiduciary standard. It’s not that non-fiduciary financial advisors won’t act in your best interest. Frankly, most probably will. Of course, all will tell you that they will. 

But a fiduciary financial advisor must

We think this is an important distinction, which is why we chose it.

How Do I Know if My Financial Advisor is a Fiduciary?

Simply put, you ask. We think it is one of the most important questions to ask a financial advisor about retirement. An advisor that is legally bound to a fiduciary standard will be willing to put it in writing.

Can a Fiduciary Financial Advisor Help Me?

That depends on what you need, and what the advisor’s skillset is. Just because someone is a fiduciary financial advisor doesn’t mean they are the best financial advisor for you.

I tell people all the time that “Fiduciary isn’t an expertise, it’s a professional standard.” Even after you have found a fiduciary, you still need to make sure they are the right fit for you. They need to have the knowledge, training, education, experience, and interest to help you.

Whether you live in Longview, one of the other best places to retire in East Texas, or somewhere else entirely I’d be happy to speak with you.

If you’d like to talk to a fiduciary financial advisor and make sure you are able to retire comfortably, email me at [email protected] or call 903-471-0624 and we will get started.

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