We are fiduciary financial planners who help you —

Retire better.

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Man getting help from a fiduciary fee-only financial planner

Will you outlive your money?

Whether you have a little put back or a lot, most people in your stage of life worry about having enough to:

  • maintain their current lifestyle
  • take trips and have some well-deserved fun
  • cover expenses if someone gets sick
  • leave a legacy and make an impact

At Belonging Wealth Management, we help you build a plan that belongs to you. By optimizing your portfolio, reducing your taxes, and considering life’s “what ifs”.

Retirement planning shouldn't feel like cracking a secret code.

  • When should you start taking Social Security?
  • How do taxes affect your plan?
  • Is there a penalty when you withdraw from that investment?
  • How does estate planning factor in?

With so much at stake, you ought to have easy-to-understand answers from professionals who care about you (not what you can do for them). That’s why we choose to serve as fee-only fiduciaries, legally binding us to unceasingly work in your best interest.

Man wondering how a fee-only financial planner can help him.

Our goal is simple.

We think you ought to have —
Guidance you can trust.

As Fiduciary Financial Planners, we specialize in building customized tax-efficient retirement income plans that account for life's "what ifs."

A plan you can forget about.

Access your accounts as often or as little as you'd like to review your progress in real time, or simply allow us to monitor them for you.

A future that's

Lazy days on the beach, tee time on the course, or volunteering with your favorite organization — it's time to reap the rewards of a job well done.

People achieving financial goals after working with a fiduciary financial advisor

How we help you retire.

When it comes to retirement and estate planning, we cover it all.

Here are the areas we tend to focus on most often:

Retirement Withdrawal Planning

Will you run out of money? Our job is to reduce those odds. After reviewing every nook and cranny of your portfolio, we’ll pair your withdrawal rate with your lifestyle. Then, we’ll help you weigh your risks and craft a plan for your future that covers your bases and allows for some fun.

Healthcare & Social Security

How and when to utilize healthcare options and Social Security benefits are key factors in a successful retirement plan. We’ll help you weigh your options and decide what’s best for your circumstances.

Investment Management
Once you have a plan you love, we’ll help you execute it with precision. That means that we’ll deliberately manage your investments to support your retirement withdrawal plan, keeping you well informed along the way.
Whether you are just after a one-time plan or prefer ongoing support — let's talk about your retirement!

Let's start with a conversation.



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Then, move forward when you're ready.
If you like what you hear, we’ll get to work building a plan for your retirement that gets you out of your head and into a life you’ve earned.

We have a philosophy around here. It's that —

All the money in the world isn't
worth losing your sanity over.

What we mean is — you shouldn’t have to obsess over the details.

Together, we’ll define your objectives and build a plan that aligns. Then, you get to step back and let us handle the technical components, track your progress, and keep you “in-the-know” on the things that actually require your attention.

We can't wait to meet you!