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Best Financial Advisor in Longview

What does it mean to be the best financial advisor? Simply put, there isn’t one single set of characteristics or traits that make someone the best financial advisor in Longview or anywhere else.

Instead, you should think about who the best financial advisor is for you based on what you want and need. Different advisors will be better for different reasons or in different situations.

What Makes an Advisor the Best?

Although you might immediately think of the technical factors discussed below, the reality is that they aren’t the only thing that matters. The best financial advisor is the one that can help you through expertise and their ability to communicate with you.

Part of that comes from how relatable they are, and how much you feel like you can trust them.

  • Do they explain things well?
  • Are they proactive?
  • Does talking to them make you feel better or more stressed?

Someone might be a great advisor, but not a great advisor for you if you aren’t able to connect with them.

The advisor’s focus also matters. Some advisors are generalists, others focus on very specific issues. Investment philosophies also differ greatly. The best advisor for you is one who specializes in helping people with your same need and whose thoughts on how to handle investments align with your own. You should ask your advisor about their approach, practice area, and any specialized training or experience they have.

For example, if you’re looking for a retirement advisor then you should ask specific questions based on that need.

Best Financial Advisor Near Me?

Location often plays an important role in selecting the best financial advisor for you. It’s nice to know you can easily stop into the office to quickly drop off documents or have a quick chat, but this isn’t a big deal to everyone. 

Although many of my own clients are right here in Longview or are looking for the best places to retire in East Texas, not all are. Many people find that it is easy enough to work with an advisor remotely and I have several clients outside the state. Still, others drive in from across the state to meet.

Alternatively, if you are in Longview it doesn’t hurt to look outside the region if you are comfortable working remotely. When it comes to location, it’s mostly about personal preference.

Best Financial Advisor Education

You want to know that your advisor has the proper education to be able to help you with the types of issues you’ll face. This education can come from traditional academic settings in the form of degrees, or through professional certification. 


Relevant academic degrees include bachelors, masters, and doctorate (PhD) degrees. Although I hold each of these, realistically a bachelor’s degree in finance is sufficient and many good advisors don’t even have that. I don’t think an advisor needs a masters degree and certainly not a PhD. I pursued those higher degrees to become a professor (my former profession), not a financial planner.


Most importantly, you’re looking for certifications to indicate a standard of knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification is the most highly regarded credential in the field of financial planning. It is considered by most to be an essential qualification of a true financial planner. To earn it, an advisor has to demonstrate competence through education, experience, ethics, and testing.  

Beyond the CFP, there are more specialized certifications that dive deeper into specific areas. It’s worth researching to know the credentials that would signify an advisor is an expert in the particular areas of most importance to you.

Looking for an Advisor in Longview?

We are fiduciary financial planners that specialize in tax-efficient retirement planning. If you’d like to talk to see if we might be able to help you give us a call at (903) 471-0624 or come see us at 1405 Colony Circle.

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